Fullmetal Alchemist, anime movie in Hindi download

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Fullmetal Alchemist the Movie: Conqueror of Shamballa  Gekijōban Hagane no Renkinjutsushi Shanbara o Yuku Mono) is the first feature-length Fullmetal Alchemist film, serving as the conclusion to the 2003 anime series, which was loosely based on the original storyline of the manga.


Anime movie in Hindi download

The film is set two years after the series and takes place mainly in 1923 Germany, as well as featuring Reole, Central, and the Underground City.

Fullmetal Alchemist anime movie
Fullmetal Alchemist anime movie in Hindi download

Funimation’s rights for the distribution and streaming of the film in North America expired on March 31, 2016. Aniplex of America now handles the English distribution of the movie.

Other movie explanation

After losing their mother, Alphonse and Edward Elric attempt to bring her back using the forbidden science of human alchemy. However, alchemy operates on the theory of equivalent trade, and breaking the human alchemy taboo carries a heavy price.

Ed loses his leg, and Al loses his body. Ed is able to seal Al’s soul inside of a huge suit of armour, at the cost of his arm. Years later, Ed (now with two mechanical limbs) and Al (still trapped in the armour) leave their childhood home, each brother concerned with the other’s happiness.

Ed, who has a natural talent and skill for alchemy, becomes nationally certified and is soon known everywhere as the “Fullmetal Alchemist.” Their true objective is to search for any information on the fabled Philosopher’s Stone, hoping it will allow them to regain their old bodies.

All of their hopes rest with this mythical stone, which may not even exist at all. However, the brothers soon learn that they are not the only ones after the powerful stone.

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